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Favorite Photo Spots at the White Sparrow Barn


I have shot at the beautiful White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas (near Dallas) a few times, and it does not disappoint! Here are a few gorgeous spots to take your wedding photos at the barn.

Lavender Fields

In the lavender fields! For blooming lavender, you probably want to have your wedding or photo session in June or July. The last photo was taken in November around sunset, while the first two photos were taken in June around mid-day.

The Greenhouse

In or around the greenhouse! This is a great place to have your cocktail hour or even your ceremony, in addition to taking bridal or couple portraits there!

In Front of the Barn

In front of the barn! You could choose to have your ceremony in front of the barn or have some sunset portraits done with the barn as a backdrop.

Inside the Barn

Inside the barn (of course)! You can get the wide open shots with all the uninterrupted white space by doing a bridal session before your wedding or doing a first look before anything is setup inside the barn.

What’s your favorite?